Short News from Best Carnivorous Plants Store

  • 23.01.2024 - "IMPORTANT! We have decided to keep the e-shop open and continue accepting orders during the winter season. Shipments will be dispatched regularly, but only if the weather permits, meaning when there is no freezing. Therefore, please expect a several-week delay in the dispatch of your orders during this period. We will always inform you in advance about the dispatch date. All winter orders will be shipped no later than March to April 2024. Thank you for your continued support through your orders!"
  • 16.04.2023 - Our carnivorous plant collection is always looking for new plant-seed material. If you have anything for trade, please don't hesitate to offer. We are particularly interested in items with origin, and if you offer those, you can have priority in receiving something more special in return. Specifically, we are on the hunt for different populations of Sarracenia purpurea, any localized carnivorous plant seeds from Australia and Africa, epiphytic Utricularia, Pinguicula from Mexico and South America, and any localized terrestrial Utricularia and Genlisea. Seeds are preferred. We look forward to receiving your offers!