Short News from Best Carnivorous Plants Store

  • 18.10.2016 - Last chance for order of living plants on this season - we will close the shop soon due a winter break.

    Price list was edited. Special autumn offer: All Sarracenia for half of price!!!
  • 17.09.2016 - The weather is just perfect for shipping. Plants looks so beautiful on the end of season. We are continuing with shipping of parcels regularly on each week. All emails are immediately answered and all orders confirmed. Thank you for support!!

    IMPORTANT: We will close the shop on the end of October due a winter break. We will start to ship plants on May-June 2017. Take the advantage of almost last chance to order on this season!
  • 07.11.2015 - BestCarnivorousPlants is always looking for any carnivorous plants or seeds for trade. Do you have any surplus you like to share with us? Just offer. Check what we are offering for your helpfulness!!!