Specially Imported Nepenthes and Heliamphora - from Borneo Exotics; Spring 2010

Twice a year (usually in the spring and in the autumn) BCPs imports Nepenthes plants grown by Borneo Exotics from Sri Lanka to Europe.
Due to this fact, there is a special occasion for you, to order plants which are rare or a bigger size, which we usually don't offer.

The offer in the e-shop section is identical to the offer of BE and it is continuously updated. Validity of this offer is limited. BCPs usually taking orders 6 - 8 weeks before the delivery date of a parcel from Sri Lanka.

Your order will be processed ONLY under these conditions:

1. You will place your order through this e-shop, no later than the Friday 5th March.

2. You will make your payment in advance, so BCPs will receive it before the Sunday 7th March.
If your order isn’t  paid on time, we will cancel it without any warning. We order the plants from Borneo Exotics only after you make a payment. We recommend you to do it as soon as possible, so we can make a reservation of your plants on time. This way you can be sure that the plants you’ve ordered are still available. If the commodity you‘ve paid for is already sold out, we will give you money back or we will propose you an adequate replacement.

We suppose that the plants from this offer will be collectively distributed by BCPs in the week after 22nd/23rd March.

You can add the other items from our current offer to this order. We will process such a combined order as soon as Nepenthes from Sri Lanka will arrive. All customers have the right to choose a bonus to their order as usual.

By ordering these plants you take under consideration that the plants will be immediately shipped in the same condition and quality in which they would arrive from BE. This offer is meant for the more experienced growers. Plants usually have reduced – cleanly washed roots. Plants are in a great quality and according to our experience there is no problem with their further acclimatization.

BCPs can not be responsible for any damages on plants caused by transportation. Even we never had any problem with parcels sent in this manner. Parcels are always delivered to our customers in a perfect condition which guaranteed good acclimatization into their new enviroment.  We personally have just the best experiences with the plants from BE and we heartily recommend them to all our customers.

Size of the plants is categorized by measurement across the leaf span - from leaf-tip to leaf-tip, not including tendrils and pitchers. There are 4 size categories:

Small = between 5cm and 8cm (2" and 3") 
Medium = between 8cm and 15cm (3" and 6")
Large = between 15cm and 30cm (6" and 12")
X - Large = larger than 30cm (12").

If there would be any new facts, detaching the dates of sending our order from Sri Lanka we will post them on this web site.