Business conditions

All prices are in EURO (€), which is a basic currency for us.  However, you can choose the currency you prefer in the e-shop. Minimum order is 20 EURO. Live plants are shipped worldwide, except during the winter (January - March), when temperatures are below freezing. When temperatures are too cold, we immediately post this information on our website or we inform you when taking your order. Seeds are shipped year-round. Pygmy Drosera gemmae, hibernacula of temperate Pinguicula and Drosera, and Utricularia turions are shipped during autumn and winter (October – April). All our plants are cultivated and propagated under artificial conditions and they are not collected from the wild.
Please send us your order through the e-shop or by e-mail or fax. Remember to include your full contact information and any other necessary details. We fill orders in the order they arrive, therefore please submit your order as soon as possible. Within a week (usually sooner) you will receive confirmation of available plants in your order. Some items are available in very limited quantities thus alternatives should be listed and may be shipped in case a specific item in your order is sold out.
Once your order has been received, we will confirm it and issue a pro-forma invoice with information on delivery and payment terms. We accept payment by credit cards (VISA, MasterCard), checks, bank transfer, PayPal, WesternUnion and IPMO.  No COD’s. If you wish to pay by cash, you must pay prior to shipment. All packages are shipped by registered air-mail or EMS. Postage for air-mail is about EUR 10-30; for EMS EUR 30-60.  If required, we will issue phytosanitary certificates for EUR 30. This is recommended for larger orders sent to the countries outside of the European Union.  A 6.5% service fee will be added to PayPal orders and 4% to credit card payments to cover exchange rate loss and PayPal fees. Bank fees for wire transfers or checks are usually EUR 8.00 - 10.00 payable by the sender upon remittance. 

You can speed up the process by sending us:

1) your full contact (shipping) address
2) preferred payment method (credit card, bank transfer, etc.)
3) complete list of items (item, number of units, price). The best way to do this is to copy the items from the recent price list, which you can find on our web site if you send the order by e-mail or fax.

We will calculate the postage according to the weight of your order. 

We will also add some plants free to each order as a little present!
Additional information and articles including a great gallery of photos (not just plants offered herein), and plants and seeds for sale can be found on our website at
We offer sterile tissue cultures of carnivorous plants for exchange only. If you are interested, please contact us.

Conditions of shipping the parcels and methods of mailing:
We send all parcels from Europe. We guarantee healthy arrival of plants shipped
worldwide including Japan and USA. 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.
We send mainly medium sized plants, some of them are already mature and ready to bloom. When plants are smaller than usual (mainly seedlings) we mention this in our listing. Carnivorous plants we sell are grown locally and do not have problems with pests or diseases. After you’ll plant them, they will grow to your full satisfaction.
All plants are shipped bare root, with no soil. They are wrapped in live or dried Sphagnum moss. Gemmae and hibernacula (turions) are wrapped in moist towels. Every species is placed in labeled separate plastic bag.
Seeds are mainly from the current or previous season. They are cleaned and packaged by species into paper or plastic bags. Every species is marked with its full latin name. We store the seeds in a refrigerator, with stable temperatures and low humidity to prolong seed life.
There are several options for shipping. We mainly ship the plants by priority air mail (as a letter or parcel service). This takes from 3 to 9 days.  Another faster option is EMS, where the time of delivery is one or two days upon arrival in the target country. This service is not provided in all countries and delivery may be delayed by customs. In our experience over the years, live plants packaged and transported by us have survived for more than two weeks without any harm. This is why we commonly send parcels via priority air mail.
Usual weight of the parcel (about 15 items) is around 2 kilograms. We are trying to save costs of our customers and minimize the weight.  Small parcels usually go through customs without being inspected.
We are able to provide Phytosanitary and CITES certificates upon request. This certificate is required for importation of live plants. In compliance CITES regulations, we declare that all plants have been cultivated by us. Issuing of this certificate will cost you just 30 Euro for one parcel. Even with this certificate, we are not allowed to export plants which listed in CITES Appendix I outside of Europe. To export the following 5 species: Nepenthes khasiana, N. rajah, Sarracenia alabamensis, S. jonesii, S. oreophila; you need a special CITES export permit. We are able to arrange this in special cases, but this procedure is very long and it takes from one to three months of time. The price of this special permit is available upon request.
Seeds can usually be imported without any restrictions.  It’s of benefit to every customer to find out what are the requirements to import live plants into their own country and inform us. We try to assist our customers as much as possible, so shipping should be straightforward in most cases. If you have any questions or requests, please, contact us.
If possible, we give you several plants from every species you’ve ordered. For the price listed, you are getting portions of plants, not just one individual. This is why you have a better rate of success when growing these plants in your conditions. You can try growing them in different places under different conditions. Very rarely, plants may die during transit. In such a case, please inform us immediately after you receive the parcel. Sometimes we may ask you to return the dead or damaged plants or send us a photo. We settle claims to 100% satisfaction of our customers and will immediately send new plants. We can’t take responsibility for claims which are made after a longer time (few weeks), as growing is in your hands. Of course, we would be happy to advise you how to grow these plants, but first, please visit the Carnivorous Plants FAQ, where you can find most information on growing these plants. Live plants can not be returned for a refund, as return shipping may damage them. However, you can cancel the order anytime before it’s sent but you would have to pay for the costs connected with refunding a payment (if it has been processed). Once we send your order, it can not be canceled or refunded.
To avoid harm to plants during the transportation, we always send it without substrate. This is why it’s important for you to be prepared for receipt of the plants and have containers, soil, cultivation space, and so on, ready for when the package arrives.

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