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Best Carnivorous Plants (BCP) has been selling carnivorous plants for many years. During this time the company achieved recognition from many growers and specialists in the field. Most of our activities are connected with growing and propagating carnivorous and exotic plants, publishing and education, research in nature, and participation in shows locally and abroad. 

Best Carnivorous Plants was established many years ago. One enthusiast had a dream to become a professional grower of carnivorous plants and made it reality. His work is still his biggest hobby, enjoyment and love.

Best Carnivorous Plants is not a typical commercial „factory“ specialised for propagation of plants in huge quanitities for maximum profit. Sales are important to us just to cover the costs of our activities. That’s why we appreciate every order received from you, and we thank you for it. BCP mainly sells propagule of plants from private collections. Sometimes we propagate selected plants for wholesale customers and also provide a consultation service for amateur and professional growers. Building and keeping the top private collection is our main priority. We continue our research into various representatives of carnivorous and exotic plants. We keep trying to understand the secrets to their successful growing.  This is a never ending challenge as new species which are difficult to grow keep us going.

Almost all profit from sales is used for buying the new plants, field expeditions, and primarily in supporting our efforts with growing and propagating these mysterious plants. This results in a larger offering of plants to the public including making species previously unavailable to the public available. These become available to all our customers, helping to protect them in their natural environment against poaching. When you order from us, you are supporting a good thing!

At the moment we run one greenhouse which is used year-round, two seasonal foil greenhouses and outdoor cultivation areas as well as a few separate cultivation rooms and a fully equipped laboratory for propagation of plants in-vitro. We cooperate with many well known growers, specialists, scientists and botanical gardens. We are very grateful for the mutual help and friendships.

Best Carnivorous Plants has been a first in the world in the distribution of numerous species of carnivorous plants rarely available before. We hope we will be able to continue in this effort. This won’t be possible without effective help of the friends from all around the world, who travel and discover new or scientifically lost species in nature which are disappearing in front of our eyes. They legally and ethically collect a few seeds which they provide to us for propagation. We thank them for kind and generous help and we also want to thank all other growers, who share this great activity with us. Without your assistance, our work would not be possible and we would not be able to save these incredible plants for next generations.

What can Best Carnivorous Plants offer you?

We offer a wide selection of carnivorous plants and their seeds.
Propagation of species in in-vitro conditions (in limited amount or as delivery for wholesale customers)
Program of cultivating of new cultivars.
Exchange of carnivorous plants, seeds and sterile in-vitro cultivations
Professional consulting and know-how (cultivation methods, commercialization of species, perspectives, providing contacts to other growers or professional producers of these plants etc.)
Quality photographs of carnivorous plants for your publications, advertising and sale
Guide services for natural localities with presence of carnivorous plants (USA, Western and Central Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.)