Seeds-Plants Trade!

Offer us seeds and plants for trade!

BestCarnivorousPlants is always looking for carnivorous plants or seeds for our collection, or for resale. Do you have something you wish to trade or sell? Feel free to contact us with your proposal. We would be glad to work something out!

Do you have nice collection? Do you own seeds or have some extra plants? You can offer us your surplus.

Do you go to the natural habitats of carnivorous plants? We are also interested in wild-collected seeds.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation of growers of carnivorous plants around the world. We have many friends in countries all around the world who grow these fascinating plants. Thanks to them, we can develop our hobby. Mr. Kamil Pasek and BCP would be glad for your help!

In return, we can preferentially offer you exchange of plants and seeds, which we usually do not offer, e.g.:

Dionaea – strange/rare forms, rare Drosera species, Heliamphora ´Flamingo´, Pinguicula clivorum, Pinguicula jackii, Pinguicula filifolia, Pinguicula elongata, Pinguicula chuquisacensis, Utricularia neottioides, Utricularia oliveriana, Utricularia jamesoniana - different locations, Rare CephalotusNepenthes nad Heliamphora plants / seeds

....and much, much more!!!! Just ask.

You can certainly trade with us for the plants from our offer. We can also share contacts and experiences.

If you have some rare seeds (wild-collected, from your own cultivation or cross-bred cultivars), we can sow them for you in our in-vitro laboratory upon agreement. Then we will give you back the agreed quota of plants germinated in sterile conditions. If you wish, we can further propagate them for you on site. By using our laboratory, you can obtain more germinated plants and lower the risks often associated with traditional sowing. Rare seeds often need special approaches to germination.

We are especially interested in South American, Australian and African species of carnivorous plants as well as different forms and locations of Sarracenia purpurea. We would be happy to receive any interesting plants such as forms of Dionaea, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, Cephalotus, Nepenthes, etc... too.

Just offer us what you have, or what you can reach and we will definitely be happy to work with you to come to an agreement that fully benefits both parties involved.

You can easily contact us by e-mail or facebook. We really look forward to getting in touch with you!