Dry litter of sedges (Carex spec.) (20 grams / 15 liters)

Dry litter of sedges
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Dry litter of sedges

Package of dry sedge litter (ca. 20 g) for 15 liters of cultivation.

Litter (dead brown leaves) of robust sedges species (e.g., Carex gracilis, C. elata, C. acutiformis) is the best substrate for growing Aldrovanda as well as all other aquatic Utricularia species. It is recommended to add ca. 4 grams of dry substrate to a 3-litre aquarium. Before use, the dry litter should be put in warm water and soaked for 2-3 days, to wash out excessive tannins and expel air in the litter. Thus, prepared litter should be sunken at the bottom. During this pre-treatment procedure, water should be exchanged for new warm one every day. After washing out, the soaked litter is put in aquaria with aquatic plants.

For other details see the paper: Adamec L., 1999. The biology and cultivation of red Australian Aldrovanda vesiculosa. Carniv. Plant Newslett. 28 (4): 128-132