Utricularia dimorphanta {Japan} [BCP ID# U1462] / 4+ plants

Utricularia dimorphanta {Japan} / 2+ plants
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Utricularia dimorphanta {Japan} / 2+ plants

Aquatic species. U. dimorphanta is an aquatic Japanese endemic species, formerly growing on the whole Honshu Island (subtropical to warm temperate climate), but is critically endangered recently. Growing of this species is the same as that of Australian Aldrovanda. However, it prefers more shade and temperatures >20 oC. Apical segments ca. 4 cm long or turions are sent by post mail in plastic vials or tubes, at above zero temperatures for the whole year. Price quoted is for a portion; each portion contains 2 plants. Our dry litter of sedges is the best substrate for growing this species.