Dionaea muscipula 'BCP Caterpillar' [BCP # 1848-53] / 3+ plants, 1-3 cm *

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Living plants unfortunately can´t be shipped during the winter time, because the high temperatures may seriously harm them during transport. For that reason, there is a winter break from December 2019 to April 2020. Thank you for understanding. We will gladly accept your orders later on the Spring. This not apply to seeds, which are sent year-round.

Dionaea muscipula 'BCP Caterpillar' / 3+ plants

This new bizzare mutant from BCP production doesnt form traps. Grows only like a creeping rhizome with short green petioles, weird traps are produced seldom. Looks like a strange caterpillar after Cordyceps infection. I bet, You will absolutely love it or harshly hate, nothing betwen. Price quoted is for a portion; size 1-3 cm in diam.