Pinguicula cv. Escambray Glory {original Ivan Panco cross} [BCP ID# P2649] / 1+ plant

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Pinguicula cv. Escambray Glory {original Ivan Panco cross} / 1+ plant

The first-ever world hybridization of Cuban Pinguicula, named by the specialist in Cuban Pinguicula, Mr. Ivan Panco, as the cultivar 'Escambray Glory,' was introduced in 2020. This hybrid is truly a marvel - a low-growing rosette with luxurious foliage. It boasts stunningly vivid violet blooms with a striking central yellow spot, providing a truly breathtaking sight during its flowering season. The names of the parents are being kept confidential for now. The quoted price is for a portion, with each portion containing one or two of these remarkable plants. For experts with experience in cultivating sensitive carnivorous plants only.